Pierre Fabre Award for Therapeutic Innovation

The name of “Pierre Fabre” definitively being associated with the spirit of Therapeutic innovation, the company “Pierre Fabre Médicament”, in memory of its founder, and in partnership with the French Medicinal Chemistry Society, has decided to award a decisive action, a scientific discovery, an innovative technology contributing to a substantial therapeutic innovation. This contribution may rise from the very early phase of research and the aim of this prize is to nominate a talented researcher.

History and Scope

  • Created in 2014, this award is named in honour of Pierre Fabre founder of the "Laboratoires Pierre Fabre".
  • Laboratoires Pierre Fabre and the Société de Chimie Thérapeutique (SCT) deliver this annually to recognise decisive actions, scientific discoveries, innovative technologies that result in substantial therapeutic innovations.
  • This award of 3000€ is funded by Laboratoires Pierre Fabre.
  • The Pierre Fabre Award for Therapeutic Innovation is a distinction conferred each year at the International Therapeutic Chemistry Meetings (RICT) by by a Pierre Fabre company representative and the SCT president.
  • The Laureate is invited to deliver a 45-minute plenary lecture to the RICT.
  • This award was discontinued in 2021.

Nomination process

  • The candidate should be less than 55 years old, based in Europe and is SCT member.
  • The deadline for the sending of the files is fixed on October 31st of each year.
  • The candidates should provide a short pdf document describing their own contribution to innovation, including the state of art, the context and the exceptional added value of the innovation, the potential impact on the downstream phases, the perspectives. This has to be accompanied with the bilbiographic references. In addition a short CV of the candidate should be added. 
  •  The file must be sent only by email to the President of the SCT and to the General Secretary, as a pdf file not exceeding 10 pages.



The Jury is composed of 6 members:

  • three members of the SCT Executive Board: its President, Vice-President, and a member of the SCT Executive Board, appointed by the President-in-Office,
  • One member of the Scientific Council of the SCT,
  • One member of the RICT Local Organizing Committee (the last two appointed by the President of the SCT),
  • One representative of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre.

 The Jury is chaired by the President of the SCT.

Pierre Fabre Award recipients:


  • 2020 : Dr Gilles GASSER
  • 2019: Pr Frédéric TARAN
  • 2018: Pr Craig CREWS
  • 2017: Pr Benoit DEPREZ
  • 2016: Dr Alain WAGNER
  • 2015: Dr Raphaël RODRIGUEZ
  • 2014: Pr Sébastien PAPOT