YMCF Mentoring Program

Because, as less early researchers, we all know the impact that mentors have during our scientific career, the YoungMedchem Forum has decided to launch a mentoring program in 2022 as part of its early initiatives.

This programme has been shaped for Master and 1-year PhD students interested in medicinal chemistry to complete the excellent one of the EFMC-YSN for late PhD and Postdoc. The objectives are to guide their decisions by offering an early access to the information about medchem career in academia and industry, through face-to-face meetings.  

2022-2023 YMCF Mentoring Program Edition

With 17 students and 14 mentors from both academia and industry, the first edition of the YMCF Mentoring Program has been launched in November 2022 and will run until May 2023 !

As mentioned, the objective of this initiative is

  • To assist in the career orientation of young scientists with an interest in medicinal chemistry, such as non-scientific skills, career planning...


  • is a Master or PhD students (up to 1 year) interested in a medicinal chemistry career and intends to be the main actors of the program. 
  • is expected to be proactive, thus, to clearly identify her/his objectives before each meeting.
  • should positively accept challenges from the Mentor and to actively participate in defining her/his expectations with the Mentor.


  • is a profesionnal in either academia or industry-related medicinal chemistry.   
  • is expected to share his/her professional experience to the best of his/her ability to provide career coaching and skill development. 
  • should demonstrate an ability to listen and build trust that allows for a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.