Paul Ehrlich Award

Janssen Cilag, through the endowment of the Paul Ehrlich Award, wishes to encourage the scientific world to work towards innovation in the fields of therapeutic research for the well-being of patients and their families, as Dr Paul Janssen, founder of Janssen-Pharmaceutica, always wanted. Dr Paul Janssen's main goal was to build on innovation and basic research in order to offer new and innovative medicines to patients, with a real impact on their quality of life. This same ambition continues to be the motivation for Janssen companies around the world.

History and Scope

  • Created in 1989 , this award is named in honour of Paul Ehrlich as the founder of chemotherapy.
  • Janssen Research & Development, a division of Janssen-Cilag SA, a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson group, and the Société de Chimie Thérapeutique (SCT) confer this annually to a Researcher, or a Research Team, for a scientific work in the field of Medicinal Chemistry.
  • This award of 3500 € is funded by Janssen Research & Development, a division of Jansen-Cilag S.A.
  • The Paul Ehrlich Award is a distinction conferred each year at the International Therapeutic Chemistry Meetings (RICT) by the SCT and the Laureate is invited to deliver a 45-minute plenary lecture.
  • This award was discontinued in 2021.

Nomination Process

  • Self-nomination is not allowed.
  • Any SCT member may nominate another person by sending a written justification report of no more than two pages with five major publications of the candidate to the Paul Ehrlich Award Jury.
  • The deadline for the sending of the files is fixed on October 31st of each year.
  • The file must be sent only by email to the President of the SCT and to the General Secretary, as a pdf file not exceeding 2Mb.


The Jury is composed of 6 members:

  • three members of the SCT Executive Board: its President, Vice-President, and a member of the SCT Executive Board, appointed by the President-in-Office,
  • One member of the Scientific Council of the SCT,
  • One member of the RICT Local Organizing Committee (the last two appointed by the President of the SCT),
  • One representative of Janssen-Cilag S.A.

 The Jury is chaired by the President of the SCT.

Paul Ehrlich Award Recipients:


  • 2020: Pr Stuart L. SCHREIBER (Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology , Harvard University, Cambridge, US)
  • 2019: Pr Herbert WALDMANN (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, DE)
  • 2018: Pr Sir Shankar BALASUBRAMANIAN (University of Cambride, Cambridge, UK)
  • 2017: Pr Benjamin G. DAVIS (University of Oxford, Chemistry Research Laboratory, UK)
  • 2016: Pr Jean-Daniel BRION (UMR CNRS 8076, BIOCIS, Univeristé de Paris Sud, FR)
  • 2015: Dr Sylviane MULLER (IBMC-CNRS, Strasbourg, FR)
  • 2014: Pr Karl-Heinz ALTMANN (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich, CH)
  • 2013: Pr Michel LAZDUNSKI (IPMC, Nice, FR)
  • 2012: Pr Sylvain RAULT (Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, FR)
  • 2011: Dr Jean MARTINEZ (Faculté de Pharmacie of Montpellier, FR)
  • 2010: Pr Bruce MARYANOFF (SCRIPPS Institute, San Diego, US)
  • 2009: Rivaroxaban discovery Team (Bayer Healthcare, DE)
  • 2008: Dr Bernard ROUSSEAU (CEA, Direction des Sciences du Vivant, FR)
  • 2007: Dr Jean-Pierre MAFFRAND (Sanofi-Aventis, FR)
  • 2006: Pr PIET HERDEWIJN (Rega Institute Medical Research, Leuven, BE)
  • 2005: Dr Yves POMMIER (Center for Cancer Research, Bethesda, US)
  • 2004: Pr Stephen NEIDLE (London University, UK)
  • 2003: Dr Laurent MEIJER (Rockfeller University, New York US & CNRS Roscoff, FR)
  • 2002: Dr Michel HAMON (Faculté de Médecine Pitié-Salpétrière, Paris, FR)
  • 2001: Dr H. Williams DUDLEY (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • 2000: Dr Jean-Paul BEHR (University of Strasbourg, FR)
  • 1999: Dr Daniel MANSUY (CNRS, University of Paris V, FR)
  • 1998: Pr Samuel J. DANISHEFSKY (Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Columbia University, New-York, US)
  • 1997: Pr Gerd FOLKERS (Department of Pharmacy, ETHZ Zürich, CH)
  • 1996: Dr Hugo Vanden BOSSCHE (Janssen Research Foundation Beerse, BE)
  • 1995: Pr Daniel H . RICH (School of Pharmacy University of Wisconsin, Madison Madison, US)
  • 1994: Pr Peter T. LANSBURY (Department of Chemistry MIT, Cambridge, US)
  • 1993: Dr Wolfram BODE (Marx-Planck Institute für Biochemie, Martinsried, DE)
  • 1992: Pr J. William LOWN (Department of Chemistry University of Alberta, Edmonton, CA)
  • 1991: Pr William H. PRUSOFF (Department of Pharmacology Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, US)
  • 1990: Pr Joshua ROKACH (Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, Florida, US)
  • 1989: Pr Povl KROGSGAARD-LARSEN (The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy,  Copenhaguen, DK)