Ask Me Anything

These online afternoon sessions are dedicated either to Master/Undergraduate students or PhD students & Postdocs.

They are one unique opportunity for you to ask all your questions about the careers in the medicinal chemistry field, in both industry and academia in France.

Indeed, each AMA is animated by one expert from a French/European industry and one from a French University.

You want to see what is look like ? Check out the past session on YouTube

Next "Ask Me Anything"

The first edition of Topics AskMeAnything by the Young MedChem Forum will be held June 20th, 2023 !

This English session is open to anyone interested in the expectations of Industry about PhD holders !

Jean Quancard (Novartis) is our special guest for this first session !

This event is free but registration is mandatory, so don't hesitate to book your seat !

AskMeAnything PhD/Postdoc January 30th, 2023