Wermuth Award for Best Educators in organic and medicinal chemistry

This award pays tribute to Professor Camille Georges Wermuth, Pharmacist and Organic Chemist, as well as Professor of Organic & Medicinal chemistry at the Pharmacy faculty of Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg because of the inspiration of many generations of medicinal chemists around the globe by its book «The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry».

This award is offered by Société de Chimie Thérapeutique; L’Association Française des Enseignants en Chimie Thérapeutique (AFECT) and L’Association Française des Enseignants de Chimie Organique des UFR de Pharmacie (AECOP).

2023 Call for applications

  • Opening dates : 10th April 2023 - 31st May 2023 (at midnight)
  • Pedagogical Webinar : 27th June 2023

History and Scope

  • Annual award for individuals or preferably team.
  • Award consists in 1000 € and a certificate.
  • Winner or winning team will be featured on SCT, AFECT and AECOP media
  • Winner or winning team will be invited to give a talk at the SCT/AFECT/AECOP educational webinar.
  • Winner or winning team will engage in SCT, AFECT, AECOP activities (membership, webinars, meetings...) for at least 2 years after the award.
  • Winner or winning team commits to be an ambassador for SCT, AFECT, AECOP by promoting their actions and complying with the scientific ethics standards of these associations.


  • No age or experience requirements.
  • Teaching of therapeutic and/or organic pharmaceutical chemistry
  • At the Bachelor-Master level: Teaching of organic or therapeutic chemistry in DFGSP and/or DFASP in Faculty of Pharmacy or Faculty of Health.
  • At the Master-Doctorate level in medicinal chemistry: no conditions on the place of training (Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science, School, Institute...).
  • Membership in at least one of the three associations SCT or AFECT or AECOP at the time of submission of the application (in the case of a team application, 50% of the applicants must be members of at least one of the three associations)
  • Be French or Francophone
  • Be a tenured teacher: teams must be led by a tenured teacher but may involve non-tenured teachers (monks, nuns, etc.) or non-statutory teachers (instructors, teaching assistants, ATERs, etc.)
  • The following are excluded: members of the SCT Board of Directors, of the AFECT and AECOP boards the year of the prize

Nomination process

  • Self-nomination only

  • CV of the candidate (or team representative) (max 1 page).
  • Description of the team, if applicable in the form of a table (max 1 page).
  • Description of the educational actions with attached materials (video clips, links, case studies...) (max 4 pages) specifying the public and the level of teaching (LMD).
  • Optional Letters of references (dean, assessors, colleagues or student users).
  • The file in a single pdf file

Wermuth Award for Best Educator in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Recipients

  • 2022: Therapeutic Chemistry team coordinated by Pr  Michel VIDAL (School of Pharmacy (Université Paris Cité)).