Prize for Encouragement of Research in Therapeutic Chemistry

To promote excellence, but also to support young researchers at the dawn of their careers, the Société de Chimie Thérapeutique provides each year a prestigious prize entitled “Prix d’Encouragement à la Recherche en Chimie Thérapeutique”. This prize is sponsored by Institut de Recherche Servier, and is devoted to junior European scientists.It rewards an outstanding young researcher, no older than 36, for his research contributions in “Drug Discovery Chemistry” (chemical biology, chemoinformatics, structure-activity relationship studies, ADMET, imaging, physical chemistry, biolabeling and diagnostic tools, drug vectorization, nanotechnologies, natural products, structural biology, synthetic methodology, etc…).

History and Scope

  • Created in 1984: The award is run annually
  • The Prize for Encouragement of Research in Therapeutic Chemistry is awarded every year since 1984 to a young researcher under the age of 36.
  • It is sponsored by the Laboratoires Servier.
  • The scope is drug discovery chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and synthesis of bioactive compounds
  • The winner receives 2500 € and a certificate
  • The recipient of the prize is invited to give a talk at the spring meeting co-organized by the SCT, the French Society for Chemistry (organic chemistry division) and the French Academy of Pharmacy until 2014, and the Young Research Fellow Meeting after 2014.
  • This Prize was discontinuated in 2019 and replaced by the SCT Award for Young Investigator in Medicinal Chemistry

Nomination Process

  • The application is open in October each year
  • Self nomination only
  • The applicant should be a mid-career scientist < 36 years old on the 1st Jan of the prize year, and a SCT Member or affiliate to SCT at the time of application submission
  • The application should include: a curriculum vitae (5 pages max) that described the work performed after PhD and a a Copy of ID-card or equivalent with birth date
  • The application should be send in a single pdf file to the secretariat and president


  • The Jury is composed of members of the SCT Executive Board (for ex. President, Vice-President, and a member of the SCT Executive Board, appointed by the President-in-Office),  member(s) of the Young Research Fellow Meeting Organizing committee and representivie(s) of Servier laboratories.
  • The Jury is chaired by the President of the SCT.

Prize for Encouragement of Research in Therapeutic Chemistry