Young MedChem Forum Publications

This initiative has been launched by the Young MedChem Forum of the "Societe de Chimie Therapeutique" in Fall 2023. The objectives were to complete the online AskMeAnything sessions by offering the point of views of the YMCF members, based on their personnal experience, about some very popular subjects. 

As a result, a series of articles about the different aspects of the careers in medicinal chemistry has been realized and gathered here to help the next generations of medicinal chemists to find some answers to their most fundamental questions. 

What is the preclinical drug discovery process ?


Author: Dr. Pascal George (Head of Business Development and Scientific Coaching – SCT), invited by the Young MedChem Forum

Reviewers: Members of the Young MedChem Forum and Dr Benoît Deprez (Head of Communication – SCT).