Mission Officers

The mission officers are essential actors in the life of the SCT.

They are appointed by the Executive Board for a limited period of 1 year (renewable depending on the mission).

They must be members of the SCT.

Their mission(s) may consist in

  • communication actions
  • representation of the SCT within sister societies and/or partner organizations
  • organizing webinars and SCT events
  • one-time actions

Correspondent to the Scientific Societies, groups and organisations

Officiers for SCT, social media , SCT actions

  • Nicolas George : Coordinator Young MedChem Forum (YMCF)
  • Florent Huguenot : Young Research Fellows Meeting (YRFM)
  • Marie-Madeleine Le FLoch : Secretary
  • Cyril Ronco : Twitter Officer
  • Pierre Sierocki : LinkedIn Officer
  • Degotte Gilles : Website Officer/YMCF LinkedIn Officer
  • Desrat Sandy : YMCF Twitter Officer

SCT-events coordinators or co-organizers


  • Karine Alvarez & Paola Arimondo : Thematic Meeting "New antivirals from Bench to Bedside"
  • Olivier Sperandio : Thematic Meeting "Excellence in Molecular Design "
  • Luc Demange : Young Research Feloow Meeting(YRFM2023)
  • Nicolas Willand: RICT 57th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry (RICT2023)


  • Pascal Marchand : Young Research Fellows Meeting (YRFM2022)
  • Maria Duca, Olivier Lavergne : Webinar "Nucleos(t)ides as antiviral drugs: past, present and future"
  • Rebecca Deprez-Poulain, Line Bourel, Nicolas Willand: Webinar "Enseignement et Innovation Pédagogique en Chimie Organique et Médicinale"
  • Boris Vauzeilles: Webinar "Covalent modalities : Covalent Chemical Probes"


  • Gilles GUICHARD: RICT 56th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry (RICT2021) - on line
  • Nicolas Willand: One Day Thematic Meeting "On the Hunt of Antimicrobial Agents" - on line
  • Luc Demange: Young Research Fellows Meeting (YRFM2021) - on line