SCT-YMCF Presentation

The French medicinal chemistry society (SCT) created a group of young academic and industrial researchers, named SCT Young MedChem Forum – YMCF, with the aim of supporting young medicinal chemists and students who wish to become by inspiring, training and connecting them.


  • Dr Nicolas George

Aqemia, Paris 

  • Dr Amanda Garrido



  • Dr Guillaume Eppe

Evotec, Toulouse

  • Dr Léa Bouché

Roche, Bâle

  • Dr Sandy Desrat

ICSN, Gif-sur-Yvette

  • Dr Frederic Miege

Edelris, Lyon 

  • Dr Guillaume Compain

CBMN, Bordeaux

  • Dr Gilles Degotte

UCSF, San Francisco


  • Dr Maxence Bos

Nuchem Sciences, Montreal (Quebec)