• The SCT interacts with sister societies and organisations both in France, and abroad
  • At the occasion of specific events, the SCT partners with industrials or with ofther societies to organize meetings.
  • The SCT partners with industrial or academic sponsors for some of its prizes and awards since its creation.

 The European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry an Chemical Biology (EFMC)

  • The SCT is a National Adhering Organization of EFMC since 1969
  • The SCT is along with the British, Italian, Belgian, Dutch and German Societies, one of the initiators of the "European Committee for Medicinal Chemistry"  that later became EFMC.
  • Several EFMC-International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry have already been welcomed in France by SCT : 1976 (Paris); 1994 (Paris); 2022 (Nice).

The Association des Enseignants-Chercheurs de Chimie Organique des UFR de Pharmacie (AECOP)
The Association Française des Enseignants de Chimie Thérapeutique (AFECT)

  • AECOP, AFECT and SCT jointly organize an annual webinar on education in chemistry and sponsor the Wermuth Prize for the Best Educator in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry since 2022.