Pierre Fabre (1926-2013) FR

  • Pierre Fabre, founder of the "Laboratoires Pierre Fabre", second independent pharmaceutical company in France, was a self-entrepreneur highly motivated and passionate of science, pharmaceutical research for the benefit of patient and human being.
  • He was a visionary manager and until the last moment of his life involved in developing the pharmaceutical activities, while being very close to his associates.
  • Dr Pierre Fabre, after obtaining his PharmD, opened his own pharmacy in Castres (South-West of France) in 1951. Interested in studying the virtues of Ruscus aculeatus (an abundant plant in Castres region) he founded his Laboratory in 1962 by launching the first veinotonic natural product, Cyclo 3. A few years later he strengthens his position in pharmaceutical branch by acquisition of Inava Laboratories. As part of diversification and opening towards dermo-cosmetic products Klorane Laboratories was bought in 1965.
  • This strategy continued and prestigious pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical brands have been acquired such as Ducray in 1969 and René Furterer in 1978. The main steps of international expansion were the opening of subsidiares in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the acquisition of Genesis US in 2002 and in 2006 the Brazilian Darros Laboratorios, specialized in oncology and dermo-cosmetic products.
  • His fidelity to his native region is legendary, most of his production plants and research centres are located in Midi-Pyrénées. Dr Fabre was very present in the Company, he closely followed all the activities of his group until his death.

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