Where to search for my next position ?

When time comes to search for your Master intersnhip or your next job, it is sometimes difficult to know where to look...

Indeed, not all the positions are advertised in the same place and if you don't want to miss your dream position, you will have to hunt it on different websites !

Even if the SCT is trying to gather a certain number of job offers in organic & medicinal chemistry, it would be a full time work to find them all !

Consequently, we collect here for you several websites where you should have a look when searching for a medchem position !

If you see one missing, do not hesisate to contact us : 

Partner Societies

European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry

In a continuous effort to improve our services for the medicinal chemistry and chemical biology community, vacant job/PhD/Post-Doc offers in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, in industry or academia.


One of the most used professional network ! Create your own profile and to keep it up to date !

Let's connect : Société de Chimie Thérapeutique


A lot of academic labs and industries are using this way to advertise available positions !

We recommend to create a professional Twitter account.


If you are looking for a position or a funding in Europe ! All levels of expertise are available !

Moreover, Euraxess is offering a lot of ressources for researchers !

Nature Careers

A Nature's tool offering a database of jobs and fundings in all disciplines and all levels of expertise !

Organic Chemistry Portal

In addition to compile organic reactions, the Organic Chemistry Portal is gathering jobs all around the world !