3rd Pedagogical Webinar SCT/AFECT/AECOP - 2024 Jun. 25th

Joined webinar dedicaded to teachning medicinal chemistry/organic chemistry and pedagogical innovations, to foster training of future researchers in the field in Master, PhD and comfort the place of chemistry in Pharmacy studies. (in French)

  • Organizers: Line Bourel (AFECT), Christian Cavé(AECOP), Pascal Marchand (SCT)
  • Sponsors: AFECT, AECOP, SCT

Thematic Meeting : Targeting Protein Degradation, 2024 May 30th

  •  «Targeting Protein Degradation: past, current, and future strategies» will take place at the Gentilly Sanofi Campus, Paris, FR.
  • Registration is open till 15th of May
  • Organizers:Y. Foricher (SANOFI & SCT), G. Laconde (OXELTIS & SCT), JY Ortholand (Edelris & SCT); M Duca (CNRS & SCT)
  • Sponsors: SCT, Sanofi, Promega, AlpX,Edelris, Biotechne, MonteRosa therapeutics.

58th RICT Bordeaux, 2024 Jul. 3rd-5th

  • This 58th edition of the RICT-ICMC will be devoted to “Interfacing Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery” and the main topics will be announced soon.
  • Organizers: Gilles Guichard (CNRS Bordeaux) and team.