Thematic meeting - New antiviral strategies: from bench to bedside jointly organized with SFV, 2023 Apr 19th.

  • « New antiviral strategies : from bench to bedside» Thematic meeting is at the frontiers of developing new health technologies for the benefit of patients. It will be an opportunity for international experts from two different disciplines, chemistry and biology, to exchange.
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  • Organizers: Paola Arimondo (Institut Pasteur), Karine Alvarez (Univ. Montpellier), SFV
  • Sponsors: SCT, SFV, Institut Pasteur

57th RICT-International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry, 2023 Jul 5th-7th;

This 57th edition of the RICT-ICMC will be devoted to “Drug Discovery and Selection” and the main topics will be: 1/ Next Generation of Anti-infective Agents; 2/ Neurodegenerative diseases; 3/Small Molecules for Immunooncology or Autoimmunity ; 4/New Avenues in Drug Discovery Chemistry;  5/New Molecular Landscapes in Drug Discovery; 6/Case studies  and First Disclosures of Clinical Candidates

  • Organizers: Nicolas Willand (Univ. Lille) and team
  • Sponsors: SCT