2nd Webinar on Covalent Modalities : Covalent drugs ; Mar. 19th 2024  19/03/2024

  • This 2nd edition of Covalent Modalities webinar will be dedicated to Covalent drugs.
  • Programme:
    • Jean-Yves Ortholand (SCT & Edelris, Lyon, FR), Rebecca Deprez-Poulain (SCT & Univ. Lille, FR) : Welcome & Introduction
    • Simona COTESTA, Novartis, Basel. Identification and Optimization of a Novel Class of KRASG12C Inhibitors, Leading to the Discovery of JDQ443
    • Chao ZHANG, University of Southern California, LA, USA. title to be confirmed
    • Closing remarks
  • Organizer: Rebecca Deprez-Poulain (SCT & Univ. Lille, FR)